TOKENONLINE Global Worldwide Service

Business Outline

Token is one of the world's leading manufacturers of advanced high-accuracy and cost-effective passive components for military and commercial applications.

Experience in this highly specialized field dates back to 1983, Token continues providing design engineers with an economical power solution with high quality performance. We have remained at the forefront of technology and design for nearly 25 years.

Today, we develop, manufacture and distribute a broad range of passive components in all areas of industrial applications - Resistors, Inductors / Coils, and Ceramic Piezo.

Resistors :

* Precision High Power, Chip Surface Mount Resistor.
* Shunts, Current Sense Resistor, Ultra Precision Resistor.
* High Voltage, High Meg Resistor, Thermal Cut-offs Fusible Resistor.
* Rheostat, Adjustable, Variable Resistor.

Inductors / Coils :

* SMT Large Current Power Inductor, Multilayer Bead Inductor.
* SMD Wire Wound RF Inductor, Transformers, Toroidal Coils.

Ceramic Piezo :

* Ceramic Filter, Resonator, Discriminator, Trap.
* Dielectric Band Pass Filters, Patch Antenna, Coaxial Resonator.
* Saw, Surface Acoustic Wave Filter and Resonator.
* Surface Mount SMD Ceramic Crystal Resonator.

Detailed specifications, both mechanical and electrical, please contact our worldwide sales for more information.