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Power Resistors - DST Series

Power Resistors - DST Series

power resistors

DST Series
A tubular ceramic resistor has a fixed number of windings and is wound with alloy wire as a resistance element. The staggering wound is made according to the desired resistance value, followed by the placement of the component mounts. It provides high starter power and is durable, is high temperature-resistant, dissipates heat well, has a low temperature coefficient that varies in direct proportion, and is suitable for application loads involving brief current surges. Due to the set number of windings on the ceramic form, the resistance value range is relatively low. Tolerance is±10% and this product is available in various shapes or in resistance boxes. Suitable for motor starters, load measurements, industrial machinery, electric distribution, instrumentation, and automation control installations, etc. For custom specifications, please contact us to discuss the details.

Tubular Ceramic Starter
DST Type 500W
DST Type 600W - 1000W
Dimensions(mm) Resistance
A B C D E F G H I J K L Weight
500W 280 40 23 45 15 326 6 22 34 346 85 8 970/g 3.5Ω-7Ω
600W 300 44 26 50 15 342 8 32 34 362 90 8 1277/g 0.5Ω-3Ω
1000W 420 48 30 56 15 470 8 32 40 490 105 9 1887/g 0.5Ω-3Ω
  • All dimensions might be changed or modified, please refer to last updating specification.
How to Order
1 Part Number
2 Rated wattage : 500W~1000W
3 Resistance Value (Ω) : Indicates Resistance Value in Units of Ohms.
4 Resistance Tolerance (%)
CodeResistance Tolerance (%)
5 Assembly Method
CodeAssembly Method
CClip Mount
GHorizontal Mount
NNo Mount
ZVertical Mount