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Saw Microwave Components

Download Entire SAW Filters and Resonators Catalogue PDF file (0KB).

Token RF components include low loss filters for remote control receivers and mobile telephone and receive path.

Feature with small external impedance matching with excellent rejection, low series resistance, quartz stability and small sizes for wireless equipments.

Saw Filters Narrow Band - TSF Series

Saw Filters - TSF Series

Low Loss SAW RF Filter for Remote Control Receivers - Excellent Rejection.
Center Frequency: 35.42MHz ~ 1855.0MHz. IL (dB): 1.6dB ~ 22.5dB.

TSF Series - PDF (0KB)

Saw Resonators - TSR Series

Saw Resonators - TSR Series

SAW Resonator Low Series Resistance, Quartz Stability, Small Sizes.
Center Frequency: 224.5MHz ~ 1090MHz. IL (dB): 1.0dB ~ 7.0dB.

TSR Series - PDF (0KB)

SAW Package Dimensions

Package Dimension of SAW Filter and SAW Resonators.